Diplomatic Corps

H.A. Honorary Ambassador.  Ph.d CARLA Nocchia.

DEGREE IN LAW AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROME "La Sapienza“. Salussolia & Associates Law Firm in Miami - Florida (US.A.), specializing in commercial law, tax law, contract law, immigration. Collaboration Studio Legale SNARP / National Union Anti-usury - specializing in banking and bankruptcy; Law Firm of Prof.. Agostino Gambino Professor of Commercial Law, niversity "La Sapienza" of Rome. Thesis in private law entitled: "The sports agent" Speaker Prof.. Gianfranco Palermo. Lawyer since. Start his own studio in Via Pilo Albertelli No. 15 Rome. Course of bankruptcy and company law at the Council of the Bar. Association of Rome. Master in International Law "International Protection of Human Rights" and "Migration and Asylum European Union and the Mediterranean area" at the University La Sapienza in Rome organized by Prof. Saulle, a professor of international law. Year 2000 Preparation course for Competition judicial hearing officer held in Rome by Dr. Galli. Address:VIA MUCCIA # 19 ROMA. Phone: 06.37511436-Phone:338.8969661-Email: Avv.carlanocchia@tiscali.it