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Armen Beglaryan

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H.E – Mr. Armen Beglaryan. Member Distinction. Ambassador Honorary of Russia. The Russian Federation. I Director General and founder of the Non-profit organization charitable fund «Trustiness» In the purpose of the fund is the rendering of assistance to orphan asylums, senior citizens, people with reduced capabilities and the restoration and preservation of cultural monuments. Have many commendations from the government, from children's homes. I read this noble cause. Because we are temporary guests on this earth. We are all brothers, and when we fail to love our brethren because of the color of skin they have, at this moment, we must seek to know what color is our human soul. God, the One Creator created me, you and them, so we have the same Father and Creator who is God of All Humanity. May the Lord bless you. ADDRESS street Grazhdanskaya house 3 hull (A) apartment 36 CITY Stavropol. EMAIL: charitablefundtrustiness@mail.ru PHONE+79283087455