Diplomatic Corps

H.E. Keddari abd el hafid

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Member Distinction of World Academy of sciences human. Ambassador Honorary of Algéria. LICENSE IN LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE. UNIVERSITY OF CONSTANTINE. . Studied matters: corporation law, law of contract, criminal law, public law, right of the family, right of goods, administrative law, private rule of procedure, administrative law of goods and the public function, commercial law,,; of the bankruptcies and regulation judicaire,de the rehabilitation and bankruptcy, and another one transgressions of faillite, Des effects of commerce, Des commercial societies. TOWNSHIP ferdjioua. DAIRA ferdjioua.WILAYA mila. 43028, Algéria. MOBILE : 213 775 72 51 80. 213 667 34 19 29. 213 557 21 42 84. Email:abdelhafid.keddari@gmail.com- Abdelhafid_keddari@yahoo.fr