Diplomatic Corps

H.E. Ambassador Honorary. Dr. Bilongo Bolo Serge Christian. Member Effective – Camerron-Africa.

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H.E. Ambassador Honorary. BILONGO BOLO Serge Christian. Male – Cameroon – Member Effective. (Doctor in International Law). Doctor Honoris Causa (West Coast University Panama). Expertise in preventive actions and mitigation of disaster damage. Training seminar on the design and evaluation of development projects. Participation in training on Internet. • Ambassador - Large and vice minister of foreign affairs for Africa –Diplomatic advisor. International Commission of Human Rights. www.ihrchq.org. Founding president of the national union of former students of catholic schools in Cameroon. Member and benefactor of the Cameroon Baptist congregation. Address : 2802 Messa Yaoundé Cameroun. Email:ambassadeuruniversel@yahoo.fr. Phone Mobile. 00237 70 70 85 29.