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His excellency Dr. Andrea Tasciotti - Member Founding - Honorary Embassador of Roma-Italy

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Letter to the Secretary General IDI Dr Mauro Broda - Declaration made public for the protection of personal image

Dear Mauro,

Your personal decision, from the position of Executive Chairman of esonerami IDI, takes me completely by surprise, and I do not think in the style of an institute, which can be said of diplomatic nature, to be published in a public official and a plaque exemption, it nor send it by mail confidentially to contacts who have not known in full, to discredit me.

This generates damage and physical harm to my public image and international.

As for my work as Executive Chairman, referred to in the notice of exemption, in line with the objectives of association, 'was conducted to represent and publicize the image of the Diplomatic Institute International, as well as prescribed by parchment appointment of January 28, 2014 - "to represent, with the utmost dignity, the Diplomatic Institute International"; and dall.art. 10 Statute IDI "The Executive Chairman, will represent the association in all external relations, will chair the Executive Council and the General Assembly" and since Article 10 just mentioned, NOT HAVING NEVER PRESIDED NE 'THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, NE 'THE GOVERNING COUNCIL ", declared that the delegated function, have never been filled.

If there are any reasons impeding the work, they should be discussed in advance in the General Assembly of Shareholders IDI, with the second convocation of the signs of the statutory 'Art 8 - Meeting of Members "in extraordinary session, the General Assembly will be convened whenever it deems necessary for the decision of the President, members, extent of one-tenth of the Members may request with reasoned written request to the President to convene Assembly Special Auditor "

Also as HONORARY, declare that he had never participated in the General Assembly to approve the accounting, and management of the previous year as well as prescribed by the Articles - Article 8 MEETING OF MEMBERS: "In the ordinary way by 30 April each year for the approval of accounting, and management of the previous year and for the approval of expenditure and activity plan for the year following "I always asked the transparency of management and accounting of the acts, which I never received a response.

In addition, by virtue of SOCIAL PURPOSE prescribed in the Articles of IDI:

"The Association is not for profit.

It is proposed, having highlighted the United Nations Charter, to promote within the diplomatic, industrial,

economic, religious, cultural, social and humanitarian, a spirit of mutual cooperation and assistance, aimed at the development of reports and cultural and economic exchanges, to improve the utilization of human resources, economic, social in all its aspects and among all peoples. This will be achieved:

a) through collaboration with various United Nations bodies, Governments, diplomatic missions,

EEC institutions, the Cultural Institutes, the Press, the Academies and Foundations with similar aims of the various

countries of the world

b) encouraging the diplomatic, cultural and economic life of the various countries to promote the Declaration of Rights

Man and purpose that inspired the Charter of the United Nations

c) promoting concrete actions aimed at the economic and social development of the people in the greatest difficulty. For this purpose, the Association will donate part of its annual budget surplus and also organize seminars and research studies

d) promoting research and information dissemination activities and purposes of the United Nations among the peoples, in which

the Association will operate; the information regarding the Christian social doctrine and other traditions

religious and the practical development of international law and diplomacy. These aims can be more

developed through the establishment of a Diplomatic Academy of International Studies and Social

e) instituting an annual award to be allocated to those who are distinguished in the field of diplomacy, commitment

entrepreneurship, particularly in social in favor of the countries most in need, volunteering,

the affirmation of human rights and good will in favor of the next. This award will be entitled to the Encyclical

Paul VI's "Populorum Progressio". The award will consist of a sum of money and will be funded from surplus


f) dealing with concrete situations of poverty and exclusion through the devolution of surplus

management and fundraising among the members to be donated to the Catholic Church or the National Caritas and

International for the poor of the world

g) through the establishment of a periodical of the Institute to be called "The Diplomatic World". Such periodic inform

on the life of the Institute, on the activities of the United Nations in the world, on the information relevant political and economic, of the countries of origin of the members of the Institute and partner organizations

h) organizing through the establishment of departments and special committees work studying the environmental situations of the countries in difficulty, especially those from which the members of the Institute and preparing concrete solutions with its funding. Part of the surplus management could be donated for this purpose also

i) establishing honors specially created to honor both the Associates that people outside the Institute that

have distinguished themselves in the diplomatic, political, professional, industrial, economic, cultural, religious and inherent to human relationships.

l) with the creation of an internal structure with the aim to help companies associated in their internationalization projects "

which highlight the strong social goal, and since there was no kind of cooperation of economic character with the Diplomatic Institute International, even having made financial means of a personal nature, to develop the delegated activities, declare the activity was carried out in a manner absolutely flawless.

Dr Andrea Tasciotti

His Excellency Ambassador

World Academy of Human Sciences