Diplomatic Corps

DR. DIRCEU Falcão Ibaldo

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Dr. Dirceu Falcão Ibaldo. Member Effective. Consul honorário of Santiago-RS.

Honorary Doctorate in Social Anthropology from the University Sebastian Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda - Venezuela. Doctor Honoris cause in Diplomacy and International Relations at University Sebastian Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda - Venezuela Degree in Social Integrated College Studies "Atila Taborda" -URCAMP / RS -1980; Degree in Theology - Theology Seminary of Christian Alliance - 1990; Bachelor of Theology - International Bible Institute of London – 1995.

Training in Psychoanalysis Clinic - Superior Psychoanalysis Clinical School - UNIEB - 2003; Core Activities: Author, Psychoanalyst, and Theologian, Rector of the "Orthodoux Universitas Eclesiae" of Brazil - UNIEB. -2012; Ecumenical Patriarch of the Holy Orthodoxy Latin Christian. Elected in 2013; President of Arcádia - Synodal Academy of Sciences Humanities since 2011: ADDRESS: Street Centennial, 1463 - center - SANTIAGO / RS -BRAZIL CEP: 97700-000. Email: montesinaiteologia@hotmail.com