Diplomatic Corps

H. E. Honorary Ambassador. Member distinction. José Ricardo Rocha.

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Graduated in Enterprise Security Management. Bachelor of Theology. Post Graduate in Strategic Management / Teaching of higher education. Specialist in Management of Public Security. Graduate in Political Science and Strategy. School of War - ADESG. Specialization in Criminology and Psychoanalysis. Specialization in CSI - Crime Scene Investigation - Arson / homicide US POLICE - ORLANDO, FLORIDA USA Degree of Officer Training. Fire Department of the City of Nilopolis. Patent: Ten. Colonel Location: Remaining / inactive. Improvement Course officers - Caoma - Master military environmental management. Audit in public administration. Federation of São Paulo State letters academies. National Council of Legal Experts of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Position: President - www.conpej.org.br. Diplomatic Institute Intentional (Italy) - General Minister Brazil. Email: bandeira@conpej.org.br / presidência@inscrim.org - 0 XX XX 21 21 2234-2401- 8868-5877 - www.inscrim.org / www.conpej.org.br