Diplomatic Corps

H. E. Dr. Italu Bruno Oliveira . Ambassador to the State of Brasilia.

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Effective Member. Born in Brasilia, Brazil, descendant of the Jews stemmed Spanish Marranos the second diaspora, Post PhD in Religious Studies by Gordon University-USA, PhD in Theology Advanced Studies by the American World University-USA, Master of Theology by Gordon University-USA, an MBA in People Management Faculty Einstein, post Graduate in Psychoanalysis, Post graduate in theology, post graduate in Teaching Higher Education Faculty of Science, Education and Technology Darwin, post Graduate in Psychology from the Faculty Einstein Educator by FATEBOV, BA in Philosophy Faculty Pan American, Honorary Doctor in Humanities by Cambridge International University-UK, Honorary Doctor of Theology Faculty Einstein, PhD in Philosophy from St. Anselm College of Waterbury-Chile. Among its activities is: International Speaker, university professor, psychoanalyst, educational psychologist, writer, and current president of Emill Brunner University. Emill BRUNNER - OPEN UNIVERSITY, CHAIR. Avenue Jequitibá - Quadra 219 - Lot 885 - Icarus Building - Room 806. CLEAR WATERS SOUTH TAGUATINGA. 71929-540 - Brasilia, DF - Brazil. Phone: (61) 81968609 -Email: presidencia@emillbrunner.com