Diplomatic Corps

Prof. Dr. Jean-Yves METAYER-ROBBES (Vice– President). Embassador Honorary of European Union – Membe

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Professor da University Humanistic of Americas for France. http://www.niopeace.org The renowned psychoanalyst by the European Association of Psychoanalysis. 2006 Lectures on Psychoanalysis at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. 2008: Elected president of the French Association of Psychoanalysis Evolutionary. 2010: Delegate Member of the Writers Union of Journalists. 2012: President of the French Association for Freedom of Expression. Librexpress. Media 2013: Elected President of the European Citizens’ Assembly on May 25 - 2014: Establishment of Diplomatic Luncheons - Assembly of European Citizens- 2014: Creation of the Department for World Peace in ACE: New International Bureau of Peace. En savoir plus: http://www.lassemblee-citoyenne-europeenne.eu/news/jean-yves-metayer-robbes. Assembly citizenship assemblee.cit.europ @ gmail.com policy reflections European Laboratory. Center for European and international diplomatic relations Imprint: Association Loi 1901 Declared June 13, 2013 officially launched June 18, 2013 No. W762005530. 07 87 58 August 99. En savoir plus: http://www.lassemblee-citoyenne-europeenne.eu/news/jean-yves-metayer-robbes.