Diplomatic Corps

Dr.Roberto Rodrigues. Honorary Embassador.

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Prof. Dr. Roberto Rodrigues (Porto Alegre - RS.) - Psychoanalyst, Medical, specializing in Psychiatry, Postdoctoral: Viktor Frankl Institute Of Logo therapy, VFIL, United States; PhD in Psychology at the University John F Kennedy, UAJFK, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Professor at the Institute of Psychoanalysis Humanistic discipline of Pharmacology and Mental Syndromes ..

Research Line:

a) Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, differences and approaches in the treatment of mental illnesses.

B) An analysis of depressive patients and the use of psychotropic drugs.

c) Approaches and differences in the neuroscience of epistemology of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Email: neurorob@hotmail.com