Diplomatic Corps

Dr.Luongo José da Silveira. Embassador Honorario of Santa Maria-RS. Member Effective.

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Prof.. Dr. Luongo José da Silveira. Legal Adviser and Lawyer, He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theology by the Anglican Centre for theological studies (1985), a degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Pelotas (1971), Graduated in Law from the Universidade de Cruz Alta (1973), Master in Latin American Integration from the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (2003) and a Doctorate in Juridical and Social Sciences by UMSA, Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic. Post-doctorate from UMSA, Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic. Legal Adviser of the Institute of Humanist Psychoanalysis and Humanist University of Americas. He has experience in the field of law, with emphasis on Philosophy of Law, working mainly on the following themes: Epistemological and Ethical-legal tendencies. Email: jluongodasilveira@gmail.com, Endereço: Rua 4-Santa Lúcia, 350 Camobi - Santa Maria – RS Tel: (55) 3307-9092

Line of research

• Philosophy of Law

• Legal Epistemology and Ethics.

• Humanistic Psychoanalysis and destructive States of necrophilia.

• Love to the life: Life Pulsing – Biophilia.