Diplomatic Corps

Dra. Maria Gabriela Renault. Honorary Embassadora of Buenos Aires. Member Effective.

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Professor Doctor: Maria Gabriela Renault - Director of the College of Psychology and Educational Psycho pedagogy of USAL (www.usal.edu.ar), Doctor Honoris Causa in Psychology. Graduated in Psychology, Psycho pedagogy and psychoanalyst. Professor of Graduation, Master and Doctor in Psychology and Psychoanalysis of USAL, Examiner and Supervisor of Doctoral Theses at Humanist University of Americas (www.Universityhumanistic.org). Address: Marcelo T. de Alvear 1314, First Floor, 1058 - Capital Federal - phone: 54-11- 4813-3400 - 4813-9639 - Email: grenault@usal.edu.ar - uds_psic@salvador.edu.ar

Line of research

1-The links and attachments in childhood and adolescence.

2-Educational Psychology and Psychoanalytic Theory.