Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Marcelo Rodríguez Ceberio. Embassador Honorary of Buenos Aires. Member Effective

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Teacher Dr.. Marcelo Rodríguez Ceberio. BA in Psychology Argentina John F. Kennedy University. Psychology Dr. John F. Kennedy University Argentina. Dr. of Psychology University of Barcelona. Master in Family Therapy, University of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Mg. Psicoinmunoneuroendocrinología Favaloro University. Assistant Dean Dept. Social Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy. Senior Research Fellow John F. Kennedy University Argentina. Academic Director of the Argentina Systemic School. Associate and representative in Argentina of the Mental Research Institute. Palo Alto, USA. Counselor and Professor da University of Humanistic Americas. USA. Founding member Relates (Spanish and

Latin American Network systemic schools) promoter. Scientific Secretary sapine (Argentina Society Psicoinmunoneuroendocrinología). Author of numerous books. Frey Justo Santa Maria de Oro, 1843 C-141 -4 dbc Horse -. Argentina. (54-11 - 4774-2875-6112 - 1-55-418-0231 - Email: ceberio@escuelassistemica.com.ar - www.escuelassistemica.com.ar - directordoctorado@uflo.edu.ar - mceberio@uflo.edu . ar - www.uflo.edu.ar

Endereço: Lidoro Quinteros 1322 C.A.B.A Buenos Aires- Argentina