Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Luiz Fernando Rocha, Embassador Honorary of Minas Gerais. Member Effective of the World Academy

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DR. LUIZ FERNANDO ROCHA, Professor at the University of Humanistic Americas. Member and Honorary Ambassador of the World Academy of Human Sciences. Bachelor of Theology; Bachelor of Civil Law; Postgraduate in International Human Relations; Doctor of International Relations. Title Doctor of Human Rights: Centre for Advanced Studies St. Constantine the Great. Title Doctor Honors Cause Administration: Center for Theological Training Ulfilas. Legal Expert - Integration of New Employees - Health and Safety at Work. Graduated from the War College Course in Strategic Policy. Company president UESV Special Unit Security and Surveillance. Team owner commands. During my professional life, has always followed the precepts of the Security Area, which sought to improve their technical knowledge. Consul of the International Association of UN Peace Force. Dedicating my life to the common good among the Nations of the World. Contacts: 55 32 9139 7078; Email: dr.lfr.internacional@gmail.com.