Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Luis Santos Diz. Honorary Embassador of Espanha. Member Effective.

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Professor Doctor Luis Santos Diz (Spain), Doctor Honoris Causa of Criminal Science, Master of Criminology and Criminalistics (OAU), Criminology and Forensic Science (NUCSS University), Crime Expert, Discoveries of Lies, Criminological Graphology, (UNED University), Criminal Psychology (UNED), Forensic Psychiatry, Consultant Controller of the Police Officers in conflict, Intervention with weapons, Director of the European School of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, University Professor of Criminology, University NUCSS, Academic Director of CCLP, World Wide (UN). Former director of the Academy of Criminology and Police Training, National Director of Criminal Investigation (CENIC), Honorary Ambassador to Spain of the American Diplomatic Mission, Intelligence Service of Venezuela. Address: Passagem Particular Antonio Torrandel, 2-1 B - 07003 - Palma - Phone -601 029 777 - lsantosd@hotmail.es

Line of research

• Eastern Philosophy in the study of appropriation of the concept of the collective


• Spiritual Intelligence as a condition of evolution of higher consciousness.

• The existential philosophy in the study of the potentialities of man

• A study of psychic energy under the perspective of the modern metaphysics.