Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Josemar Sidinei Soares. Honorary embassador of Santa Catarina. Member Effective.

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Professor Josemar Sidinei Soares, Doctor in Philosophy from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2009), Master of Juridical Science from the University of Vale do Itajaí (2003) and Master of Education from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1999). He is a professor of Masters and Doctorates courses in the Post-graduate Programs in Legal Science, University of Vale do Itajaí UNIVALI. Adviser at the Humanist University of Americas (universityhumanistic.org). As a teacher acts mainly on the following topics: Theory of Justice, Humanism, Legal Politics and Existential Ethical Criteria. Ambassador for World Peace of the American Diplomatic Mission. (ADMIR.ORG). Coordinator of the Research and Paidéia Extension CNPQ. University of Vale do Itajaí, Centre for Social and Legal Sciences. Adrees: Rua Uruguay, 458 - Centro - 88302-202 - Itajai, SC - Brazil – PO BOX: 360 - Phone: (47) 33417500 - Fax: (47) 33417569 -47- 9631-2044 - Homepage: http: // www.cejurps.univali.br - Email:jsoares@univali.br

Research Line

• Epistemological Studies of Paideia.

• Principiology, Constitution, regulation and legality.

• The production of legal knowledge applied to the Law

• A reflection on bioethics.

• The relationship between psychoanalysis and states of higher consciousness.