Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Jose Ramon Ponce Solozabol. Embassador Honorary of EEUA. Member founding

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Professor Doctor Jose Ramon Ponce Solozabol, Degree in Psychology from the University of Havana. Researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Cuba. Psychologist, Various Specialization in Psychology in the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana. Doctor of Psychology. Professor and Researcher on Stress Control. Director of the Department of Psychology of Havana. Lecturer and Professor in several countries, Venezuela, Mexico. Director of the Center of Attention: Lemus Natural Medicine. Relax Life Corporation: SW-11401 - 40Th-Street - Suite 120 - Maimi - Florida- 33165 - Phone - 305-669-9689 - Tel: 786-3021275 - Email: joseramon333@hotmail.com

Line of Research

• The study in psychoanalysis on Stress and Cancer.

• - Etiology of Anxiety, depression and its relationship to emotions.

• - Study of Hypnosis applied to psychosomatic disorders: Cancer and Stress.