Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Flávio Rodrigo Masson Carvalho. Honorary ambassador to Santa Catarina. Founding Member.

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Professor Doctor Flávio Rodrigo Masson Carvalho (Sao José do Rio Preto-SP) Lawyer, University teacher, teaching Law and Administration ─ Human Resource Management - People Management at post-graduating courses in Educational Psychology, Neuro-pedagogy, Special Education and Psychoanalysis. Master of Sciences of Religion (Mackenzie University), Doctor of Pastoral Psychology (FATE-SP), Doctor of Psychoanalysis (USA), Doctor HC of Psychology, Weston Reserve University (Canada and USA), Member of American Psychotherapy Association-USA, Doctor in Education (University of Extremadura, Spain), Doctor of International Law (Universidad Autónoma de Asunción), Member and Professor at Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil Member and Representative for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT-USA). Member of the Erich Fromm, International Society of Psychoanalysis - Germany.

Research Line: a) Psychoanalysis in the interpretation of perversion and psychopathologies. B) The contribution of Humanist Psychoanalysis in legal science and education. C) Psychoanalysis and Psychopedagogy on the interpreting of desire to learn.

Endereço: Rua Antonio Bertoncini 1200 apto 305 D Araranguá/ SC CEP: 88904-142, Email: equilibriumtc@hotmail.com