Diplomatic Corps

Dr. Ezio Benelli, Honorary ambassador to Italy- Effective member.

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Dr. Ezio Benelli, psychologist and psychotherapist, was born in Calenzano (FI) on 3/23/1947: degree in psychology at the University of Padua, then in Florence, specializing in psychotherapy from the Institute of Psychotherapy HS Sullivan recognized by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research. Professor of Humanistic University of the Americas. Honorary Ambassador to the European Union. He was a professor at the University of Maribor, where he taught dynamic psychology. For some years a judge of the Juvenile Court of Florence. Director and Vice President of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany. He is currently Supervisor of Education at the Institute of Florence and HS Sullivan Currently, he is director of the School of Psychotherapy "Erich Fromm" in Prato, recognized by the Ministry of Education, is the training analyst, supervisor and professor of psychology and psychoanalysis theories and individual techniques and clinical group. He is president of the International Foundation Erich Fromm, scientific and cultural institution based in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence moral. Is also coordinator of the Center for Mediation and Family Resources Lawn Psychodynamic Polo Training Agency accredited by the region of Tuscany. Email: ezio.benelli@gmail.com.