Diplomatic Corps

Dhc. Andrea Tasciotti - Member Founding - Honorary Embassador of Roma-Italy

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Dr. Andrea Tasciotti, Professor da Universidade Humanist das Americas. Doctor “Honoris Causa” em Psicoanalisis. Embaixador honorário for a da Itália Missão Diplomatic Americana. SANTO DOMINGO Embaixada led by Honorary Ambassador DR. ANDREA Tasciotti, as Director of the Company exchanges American footbal Sports Sports LEGIO ROMA 13 ASD, I presented the international friendly LEGIO ASD ROMA VS XIII HELMHURST COLLEGE US The international friendly supports the purpose "LATIN AMERICA STAR AND STRIPES" designed Honorary Ambassador, with support from the Office of Discrimination MINISTRY oF COUNCIL oF MINISTERS - UNAR for the social inclusion of foreign children through sport and then an internship program at the American sports Organizations. The event coivolto National and International Public Institutions of the City of New Source, the Embassy of Honor of the City of Santo Domingo, the Embassy of the United States, with a presentation to the press in the event the Government of the Lazio Region . He led the Martucci Dr. Ovidio event. Executive Office: Via Marco Polo 79, 00154 Rome-Mob. +39 320 76 04 536 -linkedin: Tasciotti -Facebook Andrea: Andrea Tasciotti-Facebook Fan Page: Andrea Honorary Ambassador Tasciotti-mail: direcciondeprojectos@gmail.com