Diplomatic Corps

Dra.Carla Forner.Honorary ambassador to Brazil - Founding Member

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Professor Doctor Carla Cristine M. Froner (Santa Maria – Rio Grande do Sul) - Psychoanalyst, Didactics, Psychopedagogist, Doctora of Social Psychology, Coordinator and Professor of the Institute of Humanist Psychoanalysis, guiding articles and theses on Humanistic Psychoanalysis, Permanent Member of the International Society of Erich Fromm. Endereço: Rua Dos Miosótis nº 225 Bairro Patronato CEP: 97020-8000

Santa Maria- Rio Grande do Sul. Contato: (55) 3222-3238 Email: carlacfroner@gmail.com

Research areas:

A) Studies of Graphology applied to psychoanalysis.

B) The development of the child's psyche.

C) The clinical analysis of the neuroses and psychoses in children and adolescents.