He has  facilitated a orientation for childrens at Bangladesh

 His Discussion with girls at school in Bangladesh. Protect and ensure the rights of all children in the world.




The writer and the origin


(Artistic world – Shefki Hysa)


Shefki Hysa, the well-known writer and publicist, was born in Erseka on July 20, 1957 in an intellectual family.

His father, Mazar Hysa, was a teacher with the Vlachs at that time and followed their pastoral pilgrimage; he spent the summer in ”Gramoz” mountains in the district of Kolonja, h...


Your Excellency the World President,

It is with great emotion and satisfaction I have to acknowledge my integration within your illustrious and prestigious academic and social organization as a high member to promote its ideals in favor of the Republic of Cameroon.

As you already know, this appointment gives me a great opportunity to be able to sh...


To: Board Members of World Academy of Human Sciences


Your Excellencies,


I'm H.E Dr Serge Christian Bilongo Bolo, PhD in international law......

and  I would like a real relationship of friendship and to work within your International Organization as Ambassador to Cameroon, to develop your vision and mission in this country.

Friendship is a pure va...

Having the Doctorate Honor will encourage/motivate me in the work for humanity. I wish to request for your kind recognition of my works and person, by presenting me with the Prestigious Honorary Doctorate Degree of the World Academy of Human Sciences. I would be glad to receive the "Honorary Doctorate Degree for Humanity" from your Academy. I tru...



This title of honorary extols the importance of people who are focused on humanitarian aid and cooperation activities in the area of education, health and sustainability, with the intention to realize the dream of many people who really need this act of compassion of goodness. In this sense, the World...

Arvind Kumar Sharma president of the organization signs agreement of cooperation and humanitarian aid between academies


his excellency Ambassador Wajid Saeed is representative of the South Asian and Arab Emirates. Wajid Saeed also represents the Academy of human sciences in that country.

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