The Mission

The World Academy of Human Sciences, is a humanistic organization that is aimed to rescue the potential of intelligence and creativity, in favor of more humane science and committed to world peace. The main objective is to bring together scientists in this academy, with appointments of honorary consul and ambassador., Contributing to peace among nations and human promotion, in the knowledge of science and the improvement of research. This appointment of scientists consuls and ambassadors, aims to recognize the importance of diplomacy in science as an inspiring source of peace among men and nations. Scientists offer their services in a honorific form, collaborating to produce free research and scientific knowledge to reduce the problems of poverty, hunger and illiteracy. Donations from entrepreneurs and public and private agencies can be used for scholarships and funding of important research in the areas of humanities, health, education, combating violence, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, unemployment, etc. We want to unite efforts of all scientists in other nations, so that a common effort, can develop the science and research in countries and societies where science and research are fundamental to eradicate the problems of organic and psychic health.