International Board

President: Dr. Salézio P. Pereira (Brasil)

General Ambassador for LATIN AMERICA; Dr. Jorge A. Garzarelli - (Argentina)

Dr. Everaldo Scaini.webp

Dr. Everaldo Scaini.

Ambassador General for International Relations and Diplomacy. 

General Ambassador for AFRICA, Henri-Paul Eloma. (Congo Republic).

General Ambassador for MERCOSUL; Dr. José Vicente Celestino. (Brasil)

General Ambassador  for SOUTHERN ASIA; Dr. Satya Mishra - (India)

Honorary Ambassador for Southern Asia and Middle East, Wajid Saeed  (Saudi Arabia).

Councilor presidency: Dr. Andrea Taciotti – (Italia)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Eslabão..jpeg

Prof. Dr. Daniel Eslabão – President's Advisor for International Affairs

Ph.D Henry Raul Soria.webp

Ph.D Henry Raul Soria (Ecuador)

General Ambassador to SOUTH AMERICA; 

Honorary Ambassador to Italy. Mr. Pasquale Sorabella, Director for Special area of social communication and International relations.(Italy)

Executive Offices of the Academy

General Director for the Presidency Affairs: Dr. Ezio Benelli - (Italy)

Director of international relations Dr. Everaldo Scaini (Brazil)

Director of science and technology for the dissemination of humanities and social science advances. Doctor. Marcelo Rodríguez Ceberio. (Buenos Aires - Argentina).

Director for the defense of human rights and political socialization of scientific knowledge to cities and third world countries. Dr. Shlomo Zekhry - (São Paulo - SP-Brazil).

Director for outreach and training of new scientists. Doctor. Giorgio Risari - Italy.

Director of International Relations For de advencement of integration between Religion and other cultures.  Dr. Timothy Roland - Índia

Special Officer to develop research projects applied to health, education and economy in underdeveloped countries. Dra. Alicia Elena Risueño. (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

Director for Military Science Intelligence & Strategy - Doctor Otto Javier Jorge Ferrari-Gold - (Lima - Peru).

Director of the Department of Europe - Latin America and the development of the Intercultural World City. Dr. Andrea Tasciotti - (Rome - Italy)

Director for economic projects applied to poor third world countries. Doctor Arguimedes Baccaro - (Sao Paulo - Brazil)

Director of international relations and management leadership. Dr. Cabral de Medeiros Filho Benedito. (Brazil)

Director for collaboration and cooperation of world disasters. Dr. Rogerio Da Cruz Oliveira Guimaro. (Coimbra - Portugal)


Special Officer for the defense of women and children in vulnerable situations. Dr. Carla M. Froner - (Santa Maria - Brazil)

Director issues related to the integration of religions. Doctor Leontino Farias dos Santos - (Sao Paulo - Brazil).

Director for the propagation and encouragement of scientific initiative in psychoanalysis. Doctor Ezio Benelli - (Italy).

Director for Psychoanalysis and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes - (Minas Gerais - Brazil

Director of fundraising and donations to finance projects of science and research. - Ms. John Silveira - (Florianópolis -. SC-Brazil)

Director of fundraising and donations to finance projects of science and research. - Ms. John Silveira - (Florianópolis -. SC-Brazil)