International Board

President: Dr. Salézio P. Pereira (Brasil)

Vice President and Honorary Ambassador of Eastern European countries

Dr. Byron Arturo Salas Mena (Ecuador)

General Ambassador for LATIN AMERICA; Dr. Jorge A. Garzarelli - (Argentina)

General Ambassador for NORTH AMERICA; Dr. Jose Ramon - (EEUA)

General Ambassador for MERCOSUL; Dr. José Vicente Celestino. (Brasil)

General Ambassador  for SOUTHERN ASIA; Dr. Satya Mishra - (India)

Councilor presidency: Dr. Andrea Taciotti – (Italia)

Dr. Gabriel Cesar Dias Lopes – Special advisor for the area of social communication. 

General Ambassador to SOUTH AMERICA; Dr. Eddy A. Guerra - (Cuba)

General Ambassador for AFRICA, Henri-Paul Eloma. (Congo Republic).

Honorary Ambassador for Southern Asia and Middle East, Wajid Saeed  (Saudi Arabia).

Honorary Ambassador to Italy. Mr. Pasquale Sorabella, Director for Special area of social communication and International relations.(Italy)

Executive Offices of the Academy

General Director for the Presidency Affairs: Dr. Ezio Benelli - (Italy)

Director of international relations Dr. Everaldo Scaini (Brazil)

Director of science and technology for the dissemination of humanities and social science advances. Doctor. Marcelo Rodríguez Ceberio. (Buenos Aires - Argentina).

Director for the defense of human rights and political socialization of scientific knowledge to cities and third world countries. Dr. Shlomo Zekhry - (São Paulo - SP-Brazil).

Director for outreach and training of new scientists. Doctor. Giorgio Risari - Italy.

Director of the Department of Europe - Latin America and the development of the Intercultural World City. Dr. Andrea Tasciotti - (Rome - Italy)

Director for economic projects applied to poor third world countries. Doctor Arguimedes Baccaro - (Sao Paulo - Brazil)

Director of International Relations For de advencement of integration between Religion and other cultures.  Dr. Timothy Roland - Índia

Special Officer to develop research projects applied to health, education and economy in underdeveloped countries. Dra. Alicia Elena Risueño. (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

Director for Military Science Intelligence & Strategy - Doctor Otto Javier Jorge Ferrari-Gold - (Lima - Peru).

Director for theological and philosophical studies of science. Doctor Zilmar Freitas - (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)

Director of international relations and management leadership. Dr. Cabral de Medeiros Filho Benedito. (Brazil)

Chief of social development projects. Dr. EDDY ABREU  - (Havana - Cuba).

Director for collaboration and cooperation of world disasters. Dr. Rogerio Da Cruz Oliveira Guimaro. (Coimbra - Portugal)


Special Officer for the defense of women and children in vulnerable situations. Dr. Carla M. Froner - (Santa Maria - Brazil)

Director issues related to the integration of religions. Doctor Leontino Farias dos Santos - (Sao Paulo - Brazil).

Director for the propagation and encouragement of scientific initiative in psychoanalysis. Doctor Ezio Benelli - (Italy).

Director for Psychoanalysis and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes - (Minas Gerais - Brazil

Director of fundraising and donations to finance projects of science and research. - Ms. John Silveira - (Florianópolis -. SC-Brazil)

Director of fundraising and donations to finance projects of science and research. - Ms. John Silveira - (Florianópolis -. SC-Brazil)