Perpetual Chairs 

The status of the World of Human Sciences Academy states that for a school candidate is a member of this academy need not be Brazilian as our goal and bring together scientists from various countries. To become MEMBER OF THIS ACADEMY TO BE DOCTOR to receive the title of'fundador, effective and honorary or distinction. We do not have a limit of acceptance of members who then receive the AMBASSADOR DIPLOMATIC MISSION WITH credential to propagate and defend peace among nations through science and research. Let's start to examine requests to fill the fifty PERPETUO MEMBER CHAIRS AND MORE FOR FORTY CIENISTAS ESTRANGEITOS. The immortal scholars of this academy are chosen by your Curriculum Vitae and all the work and involvement in voluntary activities to promote world peace. When the academic dies, the chair becomes free for other academic assume instead. All scientists can applying for a job these chairs at an office performing to become perpetual member. Having made the appointment is marked the date of possession to the new gym member for the members can meet you and give them welcome. Usual can perform a ceremony for possession of his toga receive their credentials.

Dr. Lori Antonio Lucatelli

Responsável pela cerimônia de posse na Academia